Monday, December 20, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

I'm switching Primary Care Doctors. I am also switching offices. I can no longer deal with a Clinic that not only doesn't keep track of my records properly, but periodically looses said records and has to fish them back out of the system. And, they do not listen to their patients!

The Doctor never remembers my background when I show up, and when he does he is months behind and I feel like I'm running the session. I had enough of that, and I had enough of that Clinic. I will not return there, and I will not take my kids there.

My new Doctor is just across the railroad tracks on the other side of the town and the area seems better for office buildings. The office sounded extremely professional compared to the Clinic I had seen. I hope that isn't expectations falling around me. Frankly, anything is an improvement over that old place. Sheesh.

This all came around when I had the pharmacy resend some prescriptions over to the Doctor because of needing refills.  They refused to fill out the prescriptions due to not making an appointment with them. I saw the Doctor on the first of December. I even have dated papers from that date. I argued my case, they went by what was in the computer - when they actually found my files about 10 minutes, and 2 "I need to put you on hold" (CLICK)" 's later. I'm tired of the bouncing game with my medical relationship!

So I hung up and shifted to my Health Care Provider's website to find a new Doctor. And, here we are...

Wednesday. Finally. Because of new things going on and old things needing looked at. I hope this change is going to be for the best...


Somehow I knew I would lack in the department of making posts daily. I'm so shamed. Le sigh.

The fact is I'm glad I'm wayward in the mind enough to know I won't always have something to post about, but I do have a lot to catch up on.

1. I'm switching Doctors and have an appointment on Wednesday this week.
2. Christmas is coming and it feels like it's just the middle of February to me...
3. Is there anything that really makes sense when you make lists like this....   hrm...

On to posting about Doctors...and, Christmas? Well,'s a Holiday in December?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Seeing the Doctor: Updated

Blood pressure was good so no changes are needed with my medication. I like that.

But, I need to do my lung scan for my Pulmanary Embolism and that requires an I.D. that is current. My old I.D. vanished! I can not find it anywhere. That means it walked off with a two legged midget or...I lost it somewhere because my mind is totally gone in the memory department.

So, the adventure of obtaining a new I.D. begins next week. That should be so, so fun! Not.

More later.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seeing the Doctor

I see the Doc tomorrow morning. Hopefully they will order a x-ray or scan or something technical like that so that I can get off of the blood thinner.

I'll update after my appointment tomorrow night.


I have been so extremely out of it and busy with things that I just haven't had time to post anything like I want to post! Stress is part of it, but not all of it. I meant to update on the Halloween costumes and everything through all this but the truth is I didn't have a camera yet, and I need to get one to make all that happen the right way! So, soon that will be done. If they don't grow out of the costumes too soon! They are growing so fast around here! Up but not out, and I think D needs to grow out some. He's still behind in sizes and that is making me wonder if he's going to suddenly spurt out in height just before winter hits!

Today's Trick or Treat was going to be another pumpkin farm trip, but the one I chose that was the cheapest out of all the pumpkin farm trips, was not open on Halloween. They actually cut time short to avoid Halloween. The other pumpkin farms were way, way too expensive for our taste. A family of five, even with a Military Discount of B getting in free, was still just under $50. That was with coupons! I can not believe the prices of these places! We will not be going back to any pumpkin farm any time soon.

The only one place I would go to do something like that again is called Settlers Pond. They are a small place dedicated to being a shelter for many animals not normally taken at other shelters. Horses included of course, but they also have a kangaroo or two, some exotic cuties, and a rotten donkey who bit my youngest son's fingers, but it was all better in the end with a sucker from one of the ladies there at the farm. Perfect band aid!

They care for the animals and really make sure they have a place to live, not just exist. I enjoy the atmosphere and the purpose behind the program so I think spending half of what we pay at a pumpkin farm for that location is at least going to a good cause and not a commercialized farm dumped on a field. Ahem.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Feh...Feh....Freezing Vegetables!

So I found a place that shows you how long you can keep food in the freezer. I must say, since I have got back on track with recovery - and trying to get my house back in order because of the bad health before hand - we use the freezer second in line to other food storage. Canned goods are first, freezer second, then refrigerator is third. I was interested in reading the article about storing food because it affects us, and I want to make sure we have fresh items after buying bulk!!!

We have a huge bag of carrots, a huge bag of celery, and several peppers and other things to store and I wanted to put dates on the bags as I placed them in - and the time they should be used. I was very happy to know that most veggies can last quite some time in the freezer if prepared properly. Remember those two words, prepared properly!! There is a wonderful guide on freezing veggies at this location link. It's a great site for a lot of ideas too, so enjoy!  Garden Guides

If you would like the direct link for the freezer information here it is: Freezing Veggies Guide.  I'm the kind of person who, after glancing over a given link, goes to the main page and sees what else is there while I'm visiting!

I have a large bag of carrots to do, some celery, as I mentioned, some more bell peppers, and a few potatoes this time around. I think learning how to do this will help me plan my meals much more efficiently and it speeds up the production in the food department.

Enjoy the link! May your freezer love you for it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Little A is going in to her surgeon today at Rush and they will do a upper endoscopy of her "esophagus" to see what needs to be done for her EA/TEF thus far. We discussed balloon treatment for her scar tissue area that seems to always shrink inward ever so slowly. This blocks her food from swallowing well and just causes a lot of problems. They will go in and balloon that section out some and then maybe check the rest of her throat area to see if she has any bone build up. Now, I'm not sure if this is calcium build up or something else. During the surgical procedure when they made her "esophagus" they cut the area around her collar bone and chest. Her collar bone is free from the chest bone. Her chest bone is also cut down a little on the left side. It's kind of shaped like the top of a triangle, upside down. The point is facing the heart. The wider section is up by her throat. This enables them to fix the "esophagus" easier! It can just be a little strange to see her collar bone sticking out of her neck area when she's got a full "throat" if food is stuck. One of the tell tale signs of "we need to massage her neck" !

We will be learing around 1PM to take her to Rush. E gets in just after 1 PM from school, an early dismissal today due to All Day Testing. ACT stuff and other things. School is so confusing now! Anyway, E will come home and rest. He was up very early to be at the school by 7:30 AM and after testing all day long you know that is going to be a 'worn out' moment! He will be home, but his Uncle D will be here too, so he won't be completely alone. I know he's old enough to be here alone. I know he won't do stupid things, but I still have a better ease about myself when there are people I know around my kids!

I'm hoping Little A will come home tonight and there will be no overnight stay. I'm packing, just in case, for an overnight. I am not going to enjoy that very much! Oh yes, it will be a total Disney girl's night out or something. Egh! I'm not much of a "new" Disney mom. I sort of shy away from things like that. Pre-Teen, Tween, whatever they are called shows like um, see, I'm lost on titles I actually have to think about it. My daughter watches them and loves them and, hey, it's better than some reality show stuff, buuuuut....boy oh boy can it be crazy!

I need to get back to making sure I have everything in my bag. I will be sure to update everything about Little A, and the adventure to Rush, when we get back fully!